Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Oil pulling for Health Benefits & Whiter Teeth!

Hi all,

This cycle seems to be going well so far, I did not have an ovulation migraine (I sometimes get those) and I am feeling pretty good in myself (not too much PMS) so all in all, I'm happy!

My next cycle is due to begin on Jan 29th, and in addition to the regimen on my last post I have added a few extras:

  • Oil Pulling with Organic Virgin Coconut Oil  - (yeah, I know, what's that?!) I've included the link at the beginning of this sentence, so read all about it if you're interested to find out more. There's so much info on this website about it, I was intrigued and figured it had to be worth a try!
  • Yoga - I've just started this, and am aiming at doing half hour Yoga per day. It's relaxing and calming (just what I need!) who knows if it will help, but it's worth a go.
When you begin doing the Oil-pulling, a little healing crisis can take place apparently. I just found that I felt very tired for a few days to start with, and I did come out in a few zits too!
The advantages have been: Whiter teeth! (even my Hubby commented that he thought they looked whiter!), less PMS (so far...)

I am still following this too:

•A dental splint (NTI-TSS, see link: to prevent me from clenching my jaw during sleep (I am aware that I do this, and often have a sore jaw in the morning).

•Butterbur Capsules 75mg (Swanson Brand), one capsule twice a day with food, which are said to be good for preventing/relieving migraines.

I will update soon to document any other changes

Lou :)

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