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The amazing Coconut Oil!

Hi all,

I've been researching Virgin Coconut Oil as a health product recently, and decided to try some. It's one of those things where you often feel worse before you feel better, but I decided to go for it anyway! Here's my experiences with it:

When I first got hold of my tub of VCO, I enthusiastically tucked in and took 1tbsp straight away - what a big mistake that was! I felt lousy, had a banging headache which painkillers wouldn't touch, my joints ached, awful brain fog and I felt as though I was coming down with flu.

The next day, I decided to take a bit less, and so went for 1tsp, however, even this was too much for me by this point, so I had to cut back even further.

The following day, I reduced my total daily amount down to one eighth of a teaspoon (and I even split that in two and had half in the morning and half in the evening). This did seem to help, although I still had a bit of brain fog.

(I've even heard that it's a good Candida remedy!)

I gradually increased the amount by one sixteenth of a teaspoon per day (I know it sounds ridiculous, but I had to take it slow, as I couldn't bear the headaches otherwise).

I am now on a total of ½ a tablespoon per day (divided up into 4 separate doses) and seem to be doing quite well on that now. I will continue to increase the amount, until I am up to 3½ tbsp per day (hopefully).

Also, I have found a couple of products which help to reduce the die-off effect, these are Molybdenum drops and Pantethine Capsules. They seem to make a big difference and really help to reduce the brain fog & other symptoms so that I can get on with my life. Google it for yourself for more info.

The benefits I have noticed so far since taking the VCO internally are:

1. I feel generally calmer and happier.
2. I feel like I'm smiling more.
3. I have less anxiety.
4. I have lost weight - yay!
5. I have lost my sugar cravings.
6. I don't feel the need to keep snacking all the time.
7. I don't get as lightheaded when I get out of bed/stand up/get out of the bath.
8. My heartbeat has stopped racing.

I'm sure there are many more that I haven't thought of, I'll update if I think of any more. I'm hoping that it will help with my PMS symptoms and menstrual migraine this month too. I will post again to update with regards to that.

I have also been using it externally with excellent results:

1. On my scalp (which has been itching for the last 15 years!) it helps enormously.
2. Inside my ears (they've been itching for about a year or so) it makes a huge difference.
3. All over my body after showering, but before towelling dry (I picked this tip up from the forum on the above website) it makes my skin feel great. I also seem to feel 'cleaner' in between my showers.
4. As my facial moisturiser in the morning and before bed.
5. My husband has been using it to prevent shaving rash and it has made a big difference.
6. My husband also has large patches of very dry skin on his back, I've been massaging it in every day, and it's really helping with that too.

So, I have to say that I am very impressed with this amazing oil so far, now that I have got through the initial die-off period. It was well worth it!

Any questions/comments, please message me ;)
(There's LOTS of info online regarding the health benefits of VCO, to read if you're interested!)

Lou :)
9 Reasons to use Coconut Oil Daily

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  1. Lou,
    There is one more simple thing you can do with your virgin coconut oil, do a search on Oil Pulling and see how amazingly simple it is and what benefits one can get from it. I have been doing it for at least 3 years, part of my daily routine as I get into the bathroom in the morning. CCO is great, never use any other oil for cooking, hair and skin.

  2. Thanks Nasser, I have updated the blog today, I am trying your suggestion!


  3. hi Lou, I recently had been recommend by someone about this VCO. I confused by there are so many brand in the market. Which one is better - liquid or capsule? How long you taken and is there any side effect?

    1. Hello Adelyn, I personally chose, the liquid, although I no longer take it orally, but I do use it on my skin (feels great!)


  4. Kerry (Australia)Thursday, 14 April, 2011

    Lou, thanks for the useful information. I too have been researching coconut oil and started using Extra Virgin Coconut Oil yesterday. Around midday I started losing vision in my right eye: some may be familiar with what I mean, that complete blur, or whiteout that blocks vision.

    My migranes have been lessening in frequency and severity over the years, and fortunatley for me 4 panadol almost always stop them in their tracks. So I was greatly surprised when I got hit with such a severe attack yesterday: fortunatley the panadol staved off the head pain, but the hint of it remained, even into this morning. I decided to research migraine and coconut oil to see what I could find and therefore came across your blog.

    I somewhat foolishly jumped right in with three teaspoons taken throughout the day :). Took one teaspoon this morning and already have fuzzy vision. Will try cutting back to the amounts you tried and see what effect that has.

    Thanks again for highlighting this issue.


    1. Hi Kerry, yes I absolutely do know about that visual block that you are describing, it is really frustrating isn't it?

      How are you getting on with the coconut oil?

      Have you had your Vitamin D levels tested?

      Mine have just tested low, so that is my next 'thing', to increase my levels, and see how it affects the migraines!

      Will post as I go along, and update on progress!


  5. hi! i was inspired to try this after reading your post! where did you get yours?

  6. Hi, I got mine at the healthfood store. Lou.


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